Calibration Calibration

We offer 5 business day turnaround on most calibrations as well as on-site calibration consulting.

Accreditation Accreditation

Upstate Metrology is a full ISO 17025 Accredited lab with numerous capabilities and expertise in each area we service.

Consulting On-site Consulting

Upstate Metrology's Mobile Calibration Unit provides on-site premium equipment calibration services.


With EasyTrack you can view your calibration documentation and recall notices online.

The information contained within and is proprietary and may not be used, accessed or copied without full written consent of UpState Metrology. Any unauthorized access will be punishable by the maximum extent of the law.


All calibrations are traceable to SI units through the National Institute of Standards and Technology (N.I.S.T) We are fully Accredited and Certified for ISO17025.2005 and ANSI Z540-1 . Each returned instrument will include: 1) Certification of Calibration, 2) Recall Notification, 3) Out of Tolerance Notification, and 4) Calibration Void Seals as needed. We inspect and clean your instrument upon receipt, provide estimates for repairs (evaluation fees may apply depending on the complexity of the repair required) and will furnish you the before and after data readings upon request.

We offer 5 business day turnaround on most calibrations and 10 business day turnarounds on instruments that need environmental stabilization.

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We calibrate Accelerometers and Vibration meters from 10Hz - 10kHz and +/- 50g.


Our electronic lab has an extended range of capabilities. As always, we offer fair pricing and superior quality.

  • Frequency Counters
  • Multimeters
  • LCR Meters
  • Spectrum Analyzers
  • Network Analyzers
  • PH Meters
  • HiPot Testers
  • Decade Resistors
  • Meggers
  • Digital/Analog Oscilloscopes
  • Decade Capacitors
  • Signal Generators
  • Digital Thermometers
  • IR Thermometers
  • Liquid in Glass Thermometers
  • Clamp-on Amp Meters
  • Current Shunts
  • PH meters
  • Conductivity Meters
  • RF produce and measure up to 50GHz
  • RF power up to 75 Watts


We calibrate Deadweight Testers, Pressure Transducers/Gauges (up to 20,000 PSI) and Vacuum Gauges from such widely known manufacturers as Druck, Ametek, Heise, Transmation, Fluke, Wallace & Tiernan and others to numerous to list here.

The DH Primary Piston Gage tester has an accuracy of +/-0.005% of applied pressure and +/- 5 PPM repeatability on pressure

Precise Vacuum measurements are made using the Hass A-1, Mercury Barometer with a Welch Ruffing Pump and a Varian Diffusion Vacuum System.


Our 68 Degree Cold Laboratory allows us to offer traceable certifications for Micrometers, Calipers, Thread Plugs, Thread Ring Gauges, Plain Plugs, Plain Ring Gages, Pin Gages, Height Masters, Parallels and Surface Plates.

Internal Measurements:
With the Federal Internal Comparator, precise internal measurements can be achieved with minimal uncertainty. All rings are dip sealed after certificaton to protect the measurement surface.

Optical Comparator Certifications:
We offer quick response, competitive pricing and outstanding quality on all of our Optical Comparator Certifications.

Gauge Block Comparator:
We can calibrate Gauge Blocks up to 8 Inches

Surface Plate Certifications:
We use the Mahr Federal Electronic Level System with a Mahr Federal Repeat Reading Gauge as a primary standard for certification of surface plates. Using the Mahr Federal Electronic Leveling Software we can provide you with a 3D Map of you Surface Plate. For Out of Tolerance Surface Plates we us a Dry lapping Method with Diamond dust to lap your plate back to your required Grade.

Torque Instrument Certifications:
With capabilities from 1in oz to 2000ft lbs., we can certify all of your torque instruments.

Environmental / Temperature Calibration

With our Lunaire Environmental Test Chamber, we offer full temperature and humidity calibrations with some of the strictist controls on the market.

(-60 degrees C - 180 degrees C and 0% - 90% humidity)

Weight Set

We can calibrate your weight sets ranging from 10 milligrams -10 kilograms. Class F to Class 1 sets.

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On-Site Calibration Services

When production demands do not allow for a work stoppage, Upstate Metrology's Mobile Calibration Unit can provide on-site calibration services at your facility. This premium calibration service reduces production loss and eliminates the need to track equipment into and out of your facility. Your equipment is calibrated quickly and correctly at your facility by our trained professional staff.


What We Provide

Upstate Metrology, Inc. was formed in August 1992 as a calibration and testing service company. We have a combined 75 - plus years experience in the metrology field. UpState Metrology, Inc. has continuously evolved to provide its customers high quality, responsive service at competitive prices. This is our philosophy and we remain committed to achieve it on a daily basis. The determination and dedication of our staff to fulfill our customers' needs, has provided a strong foundation for growth.

Our mission is to service our customer's needs in a timely, cost competitive, quality assured manner while sustaining a profitable level to ensure a stable employment base and corporate longevity.


Upstate Metrology is a full ISO 17025 Accredited Metrology lab with numerous capabilities and expertise in each area we service. Our unique style of service provides our customers the confidence and technical expertise required to stream line any quality program and improve plant efficiencies through our superior depot and on-site services. Our superior service has made us a leading Metrology Lab in New York State.

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Introductory Packet

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Quality Policy Statement

All members of the staff and management of UpState Metrology, Inc. have a primary responsibility of ensuring that calibrations are carried out in accordance with our Quality Manual to ensure all products and services delivered by UpState Metrology, Inc. meet the specifications of each client's contract. Management further assumes the responsibility of ensuring that the standards and requirements established by this quality manual and ISO 17025 are met in all corporate functions.

Our Quality Manual provides the basic policy and procedures necessary for the quality system to define the product from the inception of the contract to its satisfactory completion.

All members of the staff are charged with ensuring that procedures are followed, and that problems are detected, isolated and brought to a satisfactory resolution. Furthermore, all members of the staff are familiar with the quality documentation and implement these policies and procedures while performing their duties.

Brands We Sell

Reed Instruments Vermont Gage for gages and Metrology technical information. Plugs pins rings threads english & metric gages, gage sets & libraries, go nogo assemblies, trilocks taperlocks & masters, calibrations & certifications


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  • End product measuring and fixture Calibration with our new CMM

    Upstate Metrology, Inc now has the ability to do end product measuring and fixture Calibration with our new CMM. If you are ever in need of a high quality, fast and accurate company to measure your items on the CMM call us for a quote. We are very competitively priced and will work with you throughout the entire process.

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  • Now calibrating Accelerometers and Vibration meters!

    We are very excited to announce that as of May 1st, 2015 we can now calibrate Accelerometers and Vibration meters from 10Hz - 10kHz and +/- 50g. So no more having to send to Vendors and we can offer a 5 day turn and we offer very competitive pricing as well. Contact us for more information!

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    We are very happy to announce that we switched Accrediting bodies again and now are back with ANAB. We also added Humidity, Mass, and extended compression/tension to 10,000 lbs. If you would like a copy of our new scope please Contact us.

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  • Back up and running

    Upstate Metrology is currently back up and running after last Fridays fire. We have full capabilities for all electronic items and are limited on Physical Dimensional items. We plan to be back to full capabilities by Monday 2/17/14. If you have any questions please call. 585-292-6430

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  • Fire at 999 Buffalo Rd

    On Friday 2/7/14 a fire broke out at approximately 11pm. The fire started in the cold storage in the back of the Physical Dimensional Lab. Most of the fire was contained to the back and the roof of the building. The rest of the building had smoke damage.

You can find us on 6388 Niver Road Conesus, NY 14435.

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